Out of Africa – Wedding Photography in the Serengeti

Wedding photography in the Serengeti, Tanzania

I have been so excited to blog Sophie Dickinson and Lyndon Lea’s incredible African 3 day wedding that took place last summer.

Having spent over five years travelling around the world as a documentary TV producer and photographer for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, it was my dream assignment to have a brief that incorporated travel, adventure, wildlife, culture… and a wedding. Everything I love all rolled into one amazing trip! Continue reading “Out of Africa – Wedding Photography in the Serengeti”

The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide

The Secret Quintessentially Wedding Guide

We are so excited to support the launch of the Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide later this month. It’s a really must have guide for any potential bride! The guide, in which we are featured, is brought to you by the fantastic Quintessentially Weddings and is packed full of invaluable info for planning your big day.

The guide will feature expert advice from a selection of the industry’s creme de la creme, from designs to cake-makers. Packed with stunning photography, it’s a visual feast and designed with both the bride and groom in mind.

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