Out of Africa – Wedding Photography in the Serengeti

Wedding photography in the Serengeti, Tanzania

I have been so excited to blog Sophie Dickinson and Lyndon Lea’s incredible African 3 day wedding that took place last summer.

Having spent over five years travelling around the world as a documentary TV producer and photographer for Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, it was my dream assignment to have a brief that incorporated travel, adventure, wildlife, culture… and a wedding. Everything I love all rolled into one amazing trip! Continue reading “Out of Africa – Wedding Photography in the Serengeti”

Elegance and Style in Provence

In September last year, Ian headed to Provence for a beautiful 3-day wedding.

The wonderful couple who were celebrating their wedding was Madeleine & Boris. Take a look here to see their eShoot from August. As well as the Saturday wedding at the stunning Chateau d’Estoublon we also photographed the pre-wedding dinner on Friday and the Sunday brunch at Le Hameau des Baux. Continue reading “Elegance and Style in Provence”