Family Ties

It’s great to find out that another family member is involved in the wedding business. One of Ian’s 2nd cousins, Nic, has started a fantastic custom stationery business with her friend Clare. Paper Dates supplies totally unique wedding and event stationery. If you are looking for something bespoke and full of creativity, please take a look at their website. They’re fantastic designers and you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading “Family Ties”

Fields of Gold – an eShoot at the Halnaker Windmill

For as far as the eye can see in our little hamlet nestled deep in the heart of the South Downs National Park, lies a carpet of gold. The corn is about to be harvested – it’s a stunning time of year and I love it! Not only for the warm colours but also for what it represents. The time for tractors to be out in full force. I love tractors! I don’t know quite what it is about them, but I think they are magical creatures but that’s a subject for another day and another blog… Continue reading “Fields of Gold – an eShoot at the Halnaker Windmill”